Record Partnerships per Wicket
Wicket Score Batsman Batsman Opposition Competition Date
1 237 Richard Hart Nick Wills Long Itchington Willoughby Salver 8th August 1993
2 230* Richard Hart Michael Sumner Barby Willoughby Salver 24th July 1994
3 203 Jamie Abbotts Alex Short Warwick Uni Staff Sunday XI 12th June 2011
4 206* Dave Taylor Dan Campbell Marcham 1st XI OCA Div 2 2nd July 2005
5 194 Dave Clark Nick Tarrant Chearsley 1st XI Cherwell League Div 4 31st May 2014
6 128 Frank Parr John Clee Wolvercote OCA 2nd XI 29th May 1989
7 111* Frank Parr Mark Mathews Forest Hill OCA 2nd XI 16th May 1987
7 111* Norman Oakey Keith Palmer Great Tew OCA 2nd XI 7th August 1988
8 138 Dave Clark Perran Moon Great Brickhill 2nd XI Cherwell League Div 3 28th May 2016
9 111 Jamie Abbotts Oli Wright Presidents XI Presidents Day 13th September 2009
10 72 Jon Hart Billy Morris Warwick Uni Staff Sunday XI 16th June 2013

If you think you know of any partnerships that better those above, please feel free to send updates (with scorebook evidence) to Dave Clark. I will then photograph the scorebook pages and provide a link to them, giving the partnership some context.