A Message from the Chairman....

A Message from the Chairman....

10 Apr 2020

Dear All,

Firstly, hope you and your families are all keeping safe and well.
A notification came up on my mobile recently to remind me last Sunday was the Pie and Registration
afternoon – yes cricket season was creeping up on us!!

Clearly, the Club and Leagues we play in are following Government and ECB Guidelines and cricket
has been put on hold. Unfortunately we do not know when we will be able to play this season, but
hopefully we can get some games in before the end of September.

Meanwhile some work is being done particularly on the cricket square which did suffer with the
extremely wet winter. The square has been cut, sprayed for disease, scarified and first spring
fertiliser applied. Because of this enforced break there is time to re-seed the whole square and that
is the intention (prior to some rainfall!!)

I have been asked can the Club survive financially without any income during these difficult times.
We still have insurances to pay - around £190 per month, every month throughout the year. On top
of that there are electricity and water bills (although clearly they will be reduced) and ground
maintenance items (equipment servicing, fertilisers, seed etc).

The short answer is yes we can survive, although it will put stress on our bank balances and mean
dipping into our reserves for now and through next winter. If you are able to help with a donation,
or still able to pay your membership/social fees, or part of them, please let me or Judith know – it
will help thanks. Please contact J.Beck if you would like to make a donation.

I miss you all, not just for the cricket but the fun, laughter and banter that is Horley Cricket Club.
Please take care, keep safe and well – we will get through this and I look forward to seeing you all
just as soon as is possible.

David B.


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